October 23-25, 2017
Omni Interlocken Resort
Denver, CO


What is Western Power Summit?

Western Power Summit provides a three-day opportunity for leaders across the energy sector to discuss, debate, and gain new perspectives on the pressing issues facing the West’s electric power sector. Experience two days of insightful panel discussions and expert presentations on topics including energy efficiency, energy storage, renewable energy grid integration, water/energy challenges, reliability, emerging technology and much more. And extend your stay for an exclusive tour of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s world-class Energy Systems Integration Facility, enriching your stay in the Mile High City.

Who will attend?

Existing and emerging leaders and innovators from across the West’s electric power sector, including investor-owned utilities, federal power agencies, cooperatives, independent power producers, and municipal power agencies, leading Prosumers, public policy leaders, financial executives, policy makers and sector innovators, among others.


What will be covered?

  • Public policy challenges. Discussions will probe issues related to transmission planning, the expansion of regional power markets, changes in federal energy policy and their impact, and opportunities for regional cooperation.
  • Energy storage. The technology is making rapid inroads into the portfolio of energy resources, aided by California’s storage mandate as well as the Aliso Canyon response. Sessions focus on a range of projects and strategies that are being implemented in the West.
  • Transmission access, adequacy and security. This issue involves not only U.S. players, but Canadian as well. Significant amounts of hydroelectric power flow south from Canada to U.S. markets. Is the infrastructure adequate to continue supporting this cross-border trade? And will a Trump administration with its focus on infrastructure investment help speed needed transmission upgrades across the West?
  • Distributed generation. Continued deployment of electric vehicles and rooftop solar energy systems will continue to transform the energy industry, and bring new players into the mix. A session on technology innovators will be planned.
  • Impact of federal policy changes. The West is the nation’s largest source of coal for electric power generation, so talk at the federal level of renewed support for the fossil fuel reopens discussion about future power generation. Will coal rebound? Are renewables at risk?
  • Digital customers. What adaptations may be needed to business and regulatory models to protect customer privacy while also recognizing the online buying and transactional habits of consumers? Are traditionally regulated utilities at a disadvantage intelligence-wise by restrictions on data collection and use?

Speaker Lineup | Conference Program


Colorado’s Front Range: Energy Hub for the West!

Denver and the Front Range offer one of the West’s most vibrant collection of energy-related institutions and thought leaders. From the futuristic campus of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory to the academic halls of the Colorado School of Mines to the global thought leadership of the Rocky Mountain Institute, you will find no better place to gather for three days of high-energy discussion and exchange.

Who organizes the Summit?

Access Intelligence • Organizers of ELECTRIC POWER
11000 Richmond Ave, Ste. 690 • Houston, TX 77042
T: 713-343-1900 • F: 832-242-1971